A Year of Nouns with 4156
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Today is the Nouniversary! Nouns DAO officially hit the 1-year mark so I sat down with the project's founder 4156 to talk about the summer of building Nouns, indentity/anonymity, retiring Noun traits, the state of proposal quality, book recommendations, and Cryptoadz flipping BAYC in the future.

The host, Christian, interviews people in the NounsDAO community. From project builders to Noun owners, we hear about how they came to Nouns and what they love about the project. You can listen to past episodes at nouns.center/podcast. The cover art is by Messhup of Nounsense and the Lost Nouns team is cdt_eth, 12bnoun, and Messhup.

Episode cover art for A Year of Nouns with 4156