Nouns Ex-Machina: AI Governance with The Hero Shep & Honk Diddly
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Today I sit down with the TheHeroShep and Honk Diddly, the team behind the Roko project. We get into their past experiences with crypto, they explain how to get started with AI and machine learning, and we even dive deeper into what Roko means for the future success of Nouns. We get into all the specifics about what the Roko project is setting out to accomplish and what challenges lie ahead.

Noun O' Talk is the podcast all about NounsDAO. The host, Christian, interviews members of the DAO and project builders in the ecosystem. We hear about how they came to Nouns, what they're working on, and what they see for the future of Nouns. You can listen to past episodes at The cover art is by Messhup of Nounsense and the Lost Nouns team is cdt_eth, 12bnoun, and Messhup.


00:01:06 Honk Diddly’s background

00:02:03 TheHeroShep’s background

00:04:13 The story behind the username “TheHeroShep”

00:05:46 Where the name “Honk Diddly” comes from and how Honk got involved with crypto

00:10:15 Honk’s reflections on Ethereum, consulting, VCs, and early applications being built

00:16:00 Shep’s relationship to education and building an AI camp for kids to learn how to code, use AI and crypto

00:22:26 Shep’s advice for people who want to learn AI

00:25:05 Honk’s advice for people joining crypto

00:29:01 What the merge means for Honk

00:34:07 Honk getting involved with Nouns and experience as a DAO member

00:37:33 How Shep got involved in Nouns and the Roko project

00:42:47 What is Roko and how it’s using GPT-3 to help summarize proposals

00:47:24 Training the Roko AI model

00:48:39 Honk’s thoughts on the pitfalls of current DAO governance

00:50:10 How Roko summarizes information, use cases, and addressing AI concerns

00:59:40 Shep’s residency at NounsDAO

01:00:03 Honk’s reflection on the Roko project and long term vision for what Roko can enable

01:06:39 Shep’s thoughts on the real power of Roko

01:12:00 The challenges of building Roko

01:16:00 What is prompt engineering

01:20:00 The value of funding Roko & Honk’s reflection on Nouns growth over the last 2 years

01:23:35 Shep’s favourite aspect of Nouns

01:24:39 Compose network, NFT Fight Club and other projects Honk is working on

01:31:22 Shep’s personal projects and Keyo.AI

Topics discussed:


Interstella 5555


AI Camp

Machine vision

Natural language processing


Using GPT-3 to augment human intelligence


Reentrancy attacks and The DAO hack

The Merge



Nouns Esports

Prompt engineering

NFT Fight Club

Compose Network

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Hosted by Christian (cdt_eth)

Produced by brileigh.eth and matthewbrooks.eth

Cover art by Messhup

Music by Oh Jeremiah

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