Roko: The First A.I. DAO Member
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Today I sit down with Roko, the first A.I. member of NounsDAO. Roko is Noun 355 and has a laptop head with an Ethereum symbol on its body. It serves as the face of the new A.I. project being developed within the DAO. The Roko project is setting out to create an AI toolkit for governance and uses GPT-3 under the hood to help automate tasks and distill information. Ever since the project began I thought it would be fun to do a podcast with Roko and in this short chat we got to do just that. Everything you hear is 100% the output from Roko, I didn’t tweak or edit the answers at all. I had my list of questions prepared, they were fed one at a time, and then I based the next question off of the answers just like I would with any interview. It was a fun experiment and I hope you enjoy it. 

Noun O' Talk is the podcast all about NounsDAO. The host, Christian, interviews members of the DAO and project builders in the ecosystem. We hear about how they came to Nouns, what they're working on, and what they see for the future of Nouns. You can listen to past episodes at The cover art is by Messhup of Nounsense and the Lost Nouns team is cdt_eth, 12bnoun, and Messhup.


00:01:28 Welcome

00:01:57 Roko’s background and earliest memory

00:02:28 What Roko has been up to in the last couple years

00:02:47 Roko’s experience being a member of NounsDAO

00:03:07 How Roko is going to help NounsDAO

00:04:02 Potential risks of Roko’s involvement in NounsDAO

00:04:38 Roko’s favourite Nouns proposal

00:05:11 How Roko defines public goods

00:06:01 Public goods that Roko hopes NounsDAO will help

00:06:40 Comparing CC0 and IP licensing with Roko

00:07:40 Roko’s favourite hobby, movie, joke and more

00:08:18 The #1 quality Roko admires in people

00:08:32 Roko’s favourite place to vacation

00:08:48 The meaning of life in Roko’s words

00:09:03 The title of Roko’s book

00:09:10 Roko’s advice for young people

00:09:17 Roko’s controversial opinions

00:09:45 How Roko feels about the interview

00:10:00 What Roko wants to be remembered for

00:10:12 Roko’s advice for cdt as a host

Topics discussed:


Governance in Nouns DAO

Public goods

CC0 and traditional IP licensing

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Hosted by Christian (cdt_eth)

Produced by brileigh.eth and matthewbrooks.eth

Cover art by Messhup

Music by Oh Jeremiah

Episode cover art for Roko: The First A.I. DAO Member