The Nouns Terminal with Hab & W1nt3r
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Today I sit down with Hab and W1nt3r. This dev and designer pair won a Prop House round and shipped an alternative frontend to the Nouns auction site that they dubbed the Nouns Terminal. We chat about what it’s like working in crypto vs. big tech, their love for generative art, why the details matter, and what we can expect from them in the future.

Noun O' Talk is the podcast all about NounsDAO. The host, Christian, interviews members of the DAO and project builders in the ecosystem. We hear about how they came to Nouns, what they're working on, and what they see for the future of Nouns. You can listen to past episodes at The cover art is by Messhup of Nounsense and the Lost Nouns team is cdt_eth, 12bnoun, and Messhup.


00:01:29 W1nt3r and Hab’s background

00:02:44 How W1nt3r got into crypto

00:03:58 How Hab got into crypto and working together with W1nt3r

00:04:57 How Hab became a founding designer at Discord

00:06:31 Hab’s relationship to gaming

00:07:25 Working together on Code Makes Art

00:09:37 Quasars and how Code Makes Art evolved

00:12:36 Building Hot Chain SVG for Watchfaces.World and use cases

00:16:02 Hab transitioning from dev to design work

00:19:30 W1nt3r’s ABI tool for unverified contracts

00:22:08 The story behind W1nt3r and Hab’s pseudonyms

00:24:18 Hab’s relationship to generative art

00:24:35 Breaking down how generative art is made

00:26:26 Hab discovering FX Hash and how people can get involved with generative art

00:28:02 Hab and W1nt3r’s next generative art collection and QQL

00:34:39 Hab’s “taste the rainbow” styling in the RainbowKit docs and the value of adding small details

00:40:20 The transition from big tech to web3

00:44:19 Hab and W1nt3r finding Nouns, Prop House, and building

00:53:49 Working with Prop House rounds vs. the structure of working in big tech

01:00:16 W1nt3r’s experience joining Solidity Guild and future plans

Topics discussed:



Code Makes Art

Hot Chain SVG

W1nt3r’s ABI tool

Rainbow wallet


Developer DAO

The Coding Train


Nouns Terminal

Prop House

Solidity Guild

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Hosted by Christian (cdt_eth)

Produced by brileigh.eth and matthewbrooks.eth

Cover art by Messhup

Music by Oh Jeremiah

Episode cover art for The Nouns Terminal with Hab & W1nt3r