The Wizard's Hat with Noun Stories
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Today I sit down with the creators of The Wizard’s Hat: Goldy, Jarrod, and Monique. The Wizard’s Hat is a short film funded by a Nouns DAO proposal, and this episode goes over it in as much detail as possible. We break down what it was like to make it from start to finish.

Noun O' Talk is the podcast all about NounsDAO. The host, Christian, interviews members of the DAO and project builders in the ecosystem. We hear about how they came to Nouns, what they're working on, and what they see for the future of Nouns. You can listen to past episodes at The cover art is by Messhup of Nounsense.

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Noun Stories on Twitter: @nouns_stories

Goldy: @Goldypix

Jarrod: @Jarrod__Prince

Mon: @MoniqueMulcahy

Christian on Twitter: @cdt_eth

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Hosted by Christian (cdt_eth)

Cover art by Messhup

Music by Oh Jeremiah

Episode cover art for The Wizard's Hat with Noun Stories