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Noun O' Talk is the podcast all about Nouns DAO. The host, Christian (@cdt_eth), interviews members of the DAO and project builders in the ecosystem. We hear about how they came to Nouns, what they're working on, and what they see for the future of Nouns.
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The Wizard's Hat with Noun Stories
MARCH 02, 2023
Today I sit down with the creators of The Wizard’s Hat: Goldy, Jarrod, and Monique. The Wizard’s Hat is a short film funded by a Nouns DAO p...
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The Builder’s Journey with Brkfstsndwch
NOVEMBER 04, 2022
Today I sit down with brkfstsndwch, a longtime builder in the Nouns ecosystem. We go through his history as a photographer, coming to Nouns, and working on one of the first ten proposals. We even talk about his latest project,
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1,000 Nouns DAOs with Tyson Battistella, CTO of Zora
OCTOBER 27, 2022
Today I sit down with Tyson, the CTO of Zora. With the launch of Nouns Builder, the create-your-own-DAO tool built by the Zora team, I want...
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